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Furniture & Decor Consignment

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Consignment Furniture & Décor 

    Consign Your Furniture and Decor

    Couches to Curios, in Overland Park, is changing the image of consignment furniture by showcasing well-made items in good to excellent condition. The consignment business model behind Couches to Curios is a simple one: people have items they wish to sell, Couches to Curios showcases them, and when the item sells the proceeds are divided between the consignor and the business.

    Our high-quality resale furniture inventory includes:

    • Couches
    • Love seats
    • Dining tables
    • Chairs
    • Patio furniture (April-June)
    • Bedroom furniture
    • Rugs
    • Light Fixtures
    • Wall art
    • Glassware
    • Home decor
    • Designer Handbags
    • And more!

    Learn more about how to consign your furniture and decor.