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Meet Our Staff


Becky Mullen


Becky bought the business in November 2017. Her background includes many employment adventures but the common threads in all her work have been great customer service and her love of working with and meeting people. She has frequented consignment shops all her life and has a passion for good quality furniture and design. Read Becky’s small business story on our blog.


Karen Miller

Store Manager

Karen Miller became the Store Manager in November 2017. She enjoys and has a passion for helping people by identifying what customers need and want. She has a high level of integrity and prides herself in doing the right thing for customers.

Karen continually researches furniture brands, design, structure and style and passes this information on to customers. If you have noticed an improvement in the look of the store, much of this is due to Karen’s ability to merchandise items in different ways to show customers the many ways a piece can be used in their home.

Furniture Designer Kansas City

Zip Iams

Customers seek out the expertise of our Sales Associate Zip Iams. Many have known him over the years from his own antique consignment store in Olathe, KS. Zip can help customers find home furnishings to enhance their existing furniture and help create a priority list of their wants and needs. His goal is “making your home you”.

Zip has opened 4 consignment stores throughout his life and his working experience has given him an expertise in the facsimiles of clothing fashion, home accessories and furniture. Style, color, texture, quality and lifestyles contribute to his passion of interior design.

Zip is an Illinois native where he retired as President of the State Street Department store after 30 years in Quincy, IL. He and his wife reunited with all 3 of their daughters in Olathe, KS in 1996.


Mike Schnitker

Mike is a perfect example of one never knows where a path may lead in life.  Mike worked in the financial world for many years and had all but retired when Becky approached him with what she thought was a great idea…. maybe he would like to work part-time in the store and do some bookkeeping?  It took Mike a few days to “noodle” it in his head and he asked if he could shadow in the shop for a day just to check out how the business operated.  He thought it would be “fun” and has been with us ever since.

Mike has developed a sense of design style, an interest in how furniture is made and sincerely enjoys our customers and staff.  He has taken on the responsibility of hanging most of the artwork and has developed and eye for the kind of art we should accept.


Denise Young

Denise had been a consignor for years prior to joining the staff at C2C.  She was working as an Occupational Therapist and doing some consignment on the side and she was contemplating a career change.   Denise has an eye for quality merchandise and cares a lot about people and works with much integrity.  We move a lot of furniture daily and she can put styles together and design wonderful vignettes, often pulling merchandise from other areas of the store to make sure all items get visibility. 



Sharon Holsinger

Becky met Sharon years ago when they were selling Southern Living at Home.  Sharon came into the store as a customer and Becky asked if she wanted to work part time, knowing her level of customer service and love of people.  Sharon has been working ever since and just loves the store and loves how we help people move on in their lives by getting rid of excess furniture and décor.


Josephine “JoJo” Aguirre

When Becky bought the store, Jo was a frequent customer and whenever she made a purchase she would say “Becky, you should hire me”.   Becky finally listened when Jo said, “let me work a day and I will prove to you that you should hire me”.  It took one shift to hire her on full time and Jo has become a very valuable part of the sales team.  She has been successful in sales all her life and has limitless energy running circles around most of us.  She has developed relationships with our customers who look for her when they come to the store.  In her spare time, she enjoys caring for those in need and also speaks fluent Spanish and is a translator.


Christa Frye

Most of the merchandise we receive on consignment is simple to price, but we do receive some rare items that take some time to research to find the value.  If Christa could be a full-time student of research that is exactly what she would be doing.  When one of the staff retired, who happened to be an expert at research and pricing, Becky was wondering who could replace her….and in walked Christa.  Her mother is a frequent customer and told me that Christa loved to research and was herself an eclectic collector.  Christa works 2 days a week and has fit right in the approval of inventory process.  It does not hurt that her sense of humor keeps us  laughing all day!

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